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FAWN & FUN: infusing fun into spaces!
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FAWN Group

As unconventional hotel operators, not only Fawn create precious memories and surprises for travelers. Accommodation is more then just a living space, it’s a life style!

FAWN Group, a team composed by people who are young, energetic and have different backgrounds, views hotel management as the core, provides thoughtful services, different and unique styles of hotels from different perspectives. It creates interesting composite fields like miniatures of small cities, no matter in cultural exploration, interactive experience or comfortable accommodation. It cares about the full perspectives of travelers.

Make travelers be along with multi and different culture from many countries and decorate the cities with aesthetics. It is good at building new buildings and reconstructing old houses. Whether it will be a team under a huge management or be a public hotel chain, it has the ability to judge the actual needs of passengers, creating differentiated products and services.

A number of new hotels will be opened in Taipei, Taichung, Kenting and overseas. With having a solid, strong operational team and focusing on various perspectives, one hopes to bring comfort and surprises to passengers.

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